Saturday 10th to Sunday 11th September

I had our local PBC group meeting to attend today. I still didn’t feel too great but I made the effort to go. I was only able to eat a few mouthfuls of the buffet lunch Trixie (the organiser) had prepared for us all. I wasn’t really ‘with it’ but it was nice to meet up with the group again. None of the other members are anywhere near the transplant stage with their own PBC journeys. They all seem to be reasonably ‘well’ at the minute, mainly suffering with itch sometimes and tiredness. So I do actually feel a bit ‘different’ to all of them. Trust me to get so much more severely affected by it 😏

When I got back I picked Gary up and we called down to Julie’s for a cup of tea and spent a bit of time with them.

Then an evening spent watching the Paralympics which I loved to watch, and later on the boxing. I have mixed feelings when I watch this, I hate to see it when the boxer is getting smacked about really badly and is cut or almost knocked out and staggering about, but I seem to have to keep watching to see what happens in the end 😳

I think this must have been a particularly interesting fight as I can remember that I actually stopped my blogging to watch!

Now here is something that I really would love to be able to do! Afternoon tea tasting 😋 like Little Miss Katy has done here.

I would like to give the ‘cool afternoon tea’ a try, but I do think the ‘classic afternoon tea’ would still be my favourite.

Have a look at this lovely idea. If only all nursing homes could be more like this one.

Sunday. International PBC Day:Movement as Medicine.

To celebrate this the PBC Foundation were asking for photos to be sent in showing how people were being active! What was I going to do today to take part?

So I walked into town with Gary and we met up with all the others for a bit of lunch. Well I actually had a cooked breakfast!

They all went off to do their own things so I walked back to Gary’s and as it was a nice afternoon decided to clean the inside of my car 😱

A bit later in the afternoon Gary decided he wanted to go out for a drive and we ended up at the nearby Rollright Stones. Sunny but cold. Brrr!

And that was my active day 🤗

And finally! Why not have a read about Richard Branson’s thoughts on organ donation.

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