Garden in the sun


Thursday 15th to Friday 16th September

A volunteering morning. I was feeling pretty fed up, probably mainly because I hadn’t been well again and was still not feeling quite 100%. I didn’t stay for too long anyway as there didn’t seem to be that many suitable patients :/ I took myself off and went and sat in the hospital garden as it was a nice day 🌤 to try and cheer myself up a bit.

The fair had arrived in our town today 🎡 On our evening walk we had a very brief wander through it, bumped into Robyn who was with her friend and watched them having a go on this very scary looking ride! She loves things like this, I don’t, and I don’t even like watching her on them too much 😖

I just wanted to show you this – four Paralympians ran faster. Quite amazing!

On Friday I worked and in the evening I walked through the fair with Gary. Robyn was there again with some more friends, so we walked around with them for a little while watching the fun they were having (Leah doesn’t like fair rides so she avoided the whole thing!) and we also came across Laura and Tom with Oliver, who seemed to be enjoying himself as he was trying to knock the stack of tins off the shelf!

And this – is very clever!!!!!

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