That pushchair!


Monday 19th to Friday 23rd September

This Monday afternoon Robyn told me that we had better not go for our usual Costa visit as we should really get on with ‘jobs for moving’ 😩 So that’s what we did. A bit later we called along to Julie’s to drop some stuff off there only to discover that Hannah had come home from work not feeling well and had just been sick. So we made a very quick exit!

I was worried about going into work on Tuesday. I had heard that there was a sickness bug going around and I was thinking that as Hannah had been ill it might have found its way into the shop. I DID NOT want to catch this, I hate being sick, apart from the fact that I simply haven’t got the time to be ill at the moment :/

Back to work again on Wednesday. No sign of the sickness bug for me yet thank goodness but I was feeling particularly exhausted with not much energy to spare in my body 😵

I didn’t manage to go to volunteer on Thursday. I was tired, I was stressed, I wasn’t particularly feeling in the right frame of mind for it and I also had so many jobs that really needed doing today. I didn’t feel too pleased with myself for making this decision but I think it was probably the right thing to do.

While I was at work on Friday I noticed a lady walking through the shop carrying a toy pushchair. I recognised it immediately as being the exact pushchair Leah used to have when she was little.

Here it is, but this is the tandem version, Leah had the single. 

Seeing this brought back so many memories. Leah used to absolutely LOVE playing with her dollies in that pushchair. She would literally spend hours and hours dressing them all up so carefully, feeding them, cuddling them. I felt a bit sad that this stage of our lives was all over. Happy times. I just wait for the grandchildren now I guess 😏

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