Sunday 9th to Thursday 13th April

It is Thursday morning and I am writing this blog from my hospital bed in the John Radcliffe Hospital.

I think I need to update you with what has been happening.

On Sunday morning I woke to heavy menstrual bleeding. Ok – EXTREMELY heavy menstrual bleeding. This carried on and on and on, non stop throughout the day. I was getting very fed up with it but was trying to cope. It was a lovely, very warm and sunny day, a bit unusual for this time of year. Leah had gone out for the day, I would have liked to have been pottering around in my garden but I just wasn’t able to do that. Later in the day I went and sat in Gary’s garden and watched him starting to make his own ‘raised planter’. A bit of a tasty barbecue 🍢 (and the heavy bleeding continued) 😖 … all through the night. 

Monday morning. Still bleeding. Surely this must be starting to feel like easing? But it wasn’t. I rang the GP surgery to ask for a call back from a doctor. She told me that nothing could be done really, I just needed to put up with it. Hmmm, I wasn’t too happy about that but just tried to carry on with my day. 

As it happened I was due to go up to the surgery in the afternoon anyway as I had changed to some new tablets 2 weeks ago and I needed to have my blood pressure checked to see if they suited me and were working properly! But by Monday afternoon I was starting to feel dizzy and unwell. I rang to say I wouldn’t be able to get to my appointment and explained the reasons why. A doctor rang me back to say I should be seen really, my blood pressure needed to be checked, but now for a very different reason, because of all the blood loss! I asked my sister if she could give me a lift up there when she finished work. One of the practice nurses took my blood pressure, it was very low. I had to wait to be seen by the doctor who then decided that I needed to go to A&E at the John Radcliffe.

So I went home, packed my bags and when Leah came back she took me to the hospital. 

Our Monday evening was spent in A&E.  My blood pressure was taken again there, it was very low, and I was feeling dizzy. It wasn’t long before I was shown to a bed and then a little while later I was taken up to the Gynae Ward.

And this is where I have been ever since …

I have been given bags of intravenous fluid, I have had an ultrasound scan, blood transfusions (three bags :/) and still my hb level is low. I have been given an iv drug to stop the bleeding (which didn’t actually stop until Wednesday afternoon) and some separate hormone tablets. After my first bag of blood I developed a temperature, they were a bit worried about an infection and so they started me on iv antibiotics too. I then had an X-ray so that they could rule out a chest infection.

I have had a biopsy taken of my womb lining to see if that gives any indication as to what may be happening. The word ‘menopause’ was mentioned but the doctor did tell me that their first priority was to look after me, as I had lost A LOT of blood, my blood pressure was very low, and I was still bleeding.

I have been hoping to write a blog post before today but unfortunately I just haven’t felt up to it.

Trust all this to happen while Robyn is away on holiday in Brazil ☹️ (sorry Robyn) so poor Leah has been left to deal with things, cope with and look after me! Gary has also visited and my sister Lynda, so I have been lucky in that way as always.

So now it’s Thursday night. And I am a bit fed up 😖 There was a possibility that I may go home this evening, but as always it hasn’t happened. My blood pressure is still a bit low. My hb level is still low. There was talk of a fourth bag of blood but hopefully their minds have now been changed and I can go home with iron tablets. My other meds have now also been changed from iv to tablet form in preparation for my escape! But they then decided that they wanted to check my liver blood results to make sure everything is fine there as well before I can leave.

So now, yet again, I have to wait for more results tomorrow … 🤞

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