Secret mission


Saturday 19th to Tuesday 22nd August

A trip into Banbury on both days this weekend!

Gary needed to get a new glass panel for his door which was followed by getting an all day breakfast 🥓 🍳 in a local cafe!

Then a visit to the Banbury Food Fair. The Flower & Produce Show runs alongside which I always find fascinating. How do people manage to grow such perfect things? How do we know that they haven’t really just gone out and bought the best they could find in the local supermarket? 😱🤣

Monday was a secret mission to London! with both Robyn and Leah joining me.

Up early to catch the Oxford Tube and then we spent the morning doing lots of walking, getting lost :/ and sightseeing around London.

A quick stop for some food which we hardly had time to eat! but at least the waitress helped us to sort out our next stations, train journeys and times, which definitely saved us some time and confusion.

Unfortunately I can’t go into every detail about what happened next, but it was quite an amazing adventure. Pictures of my scar were taken, so you now know that it was something connected with this department! I will always try and do my bit to help where I can 🙃

Time to travel back. I think we eventually got home around 9.30pm. An exhausting day, both physically and mentally. I’m really pleased I did it though. And yes, if I get the chance, I will do it again!

At work for 8am Tuesday morning. You could say I was rather tired 😴 When I got back later in the afternoon it seems like my body decided it really couldn’t do anything else. I even had a little afternoon nap. There was certainly no walk for me today either 😕

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