Friday 28th August to Sunday 6th September

Going to work and back pain – the two don’t go together very well πŸ˜–

Bank Holiday Weekend was a bit of a letdown this year πŸ˜–

I was hoping to have been at The Big Feastival like in previous years.

It’s on Alex James’ farm in a village very close to us. It’s a real treat to go there. But of course Covid-19 stopped it for this year.

“The highlight of the summer is having you join us on the farm but the safety of everyone always has to come first. I will miss your smiling faces in the Cheese Hub and in front of the Main Stage. My heart goes out from my family to yours. Stay safe, keep well and I can’t wait to see you in 2021. Let’s make it a bumper one!” Alex James

Both Robyn and Leah went away for a couple of days and got to breathe some sea air, they kindly left some little snack treats for me, of course I haven’t eaten them yet!

And then it became September.

It started with a couple of lovely sunsets πŸŒ…

And the hanging basket I made is still looking well πŸŒΈπŸ‘

Have a look at this.

“So very grateful to our 14 year old daughter who has created daily chalk art for the last 95 days to entertain her little brother, who’s in each drawing. He’s travelled the world all from our driveway. This art gives us something good to look forward to every day.”

Here’s just a few of her pics.

You can see all her art on Instagram @macairesmuse

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