Thursday and Friday – Sudden thought


Still not a great day. Suffering from extra extreme tiredness to normal and feeling sick. Feel like a wobbly jelly with lead weights hanging off my legs and arms. Hate this feeling. Wanted to walk into town but just wasn’t up to it. 

People seem to keep waking me up and making me take massive tablets which make me choke. I don’t like it. This happened Friday morning again even tho I was awake in the early hours of the morning feeling sick and had tummy pains. And then in the morning I just couldn’t wake up 💤 One of those days when I had to have an afternoon sleep. Then later had a sudden thought, maybe it was the tablets they had given me for Shingles that was making me feel so nauseous and rough. So I’ve got to try them with anti sickness tablets now and see how I feel with them. Can’t wait to finish taking these horrible tablets. I’m sure when I’ve had Shingles before I didn’t feel as ill as this. Or maybe it’s because my liver is so much worse now. Who knows?

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  1. Val they will have to try get u back on the list u need to go back on it we all want u to live like lynda said HURRY UP LIVER because val it a star in everyone’s eyes and u a just a special person so please get better soon and try get back on that transplant list xxx ❤

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