Thursday 2nd April

The time has come.

Robyn and Leah pack up all the stuff I’ve accumulated from my stay, I say my goodbyes. My surgeon just happens to be with another patient so I am able to thank him and we have a hug and a photo 🙂 

I walk out the ward.

After 5 weeks and 5 days I’m back in Chipping Norton.

I would like to thank – 

All the doctors, nurses (of all levels) and all the domestic staff, for looking after me no matter what I threw at them! 

My surgeon, Darius Mirza (who did my first transplant).

And how can I even begin to thank and repay Paolo Muiesan and Hynek Mergental (who BOTH did my second transplant). They saved my life. And only just in time too (which Hynek told me himself). 
Quite simply – I can’t.

My heroes 

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