In lodgings


Thursday 2nd to Sunday 26th April

I decide to stay at my sisters house as I think this will take the pressure off of all of us maybe, if me and the kids are not left all on our own straight away. I also sometimes stay at Garys. As I am still not very strong at the minute, and especially as the stairs are a major workout for me, my house is not the best place for me to return to as it has three levels. My bedroom is on the top floor, bathroom and toilet on the middle floor, kitchen on the ground floor. Not very practical.

I am home for the easter weekend so everyone is off of work, which works out quite well. Lots of people to look after me!! I am taken out to various places, but am pushed in a wheelchair because I cant walk any distance. Even going out for just a few hours tires me out at this stage.

On the Saturday its Gary’s birthday so we go over to his mum and dads so he can open his pressies! šŸŽ

On Easter Sunday we are invited to my brothers for lunch. All his children are there too, and their children. You could say quite a few of us!! Even though I am still only eating a few mouthfuls at a time, the lunch is delicious, he does a good job. Then we start our Easter Egg hunt, chaos but fun. 

A lovely way to spend my first weekend out of hospital.

Oh dear, back to work time (for some!) Robyn and Leah work out a plan so there’s always someone with me at first, as I still need someone to get my meals for me, watch me on the stairs! etc.

The days go by. It’s Hannah šŸ‘¼ that normally does my breakfast, she brings it up to me on a tray. I am spoilt! I then have to take loads of tablets in the morning, am awake for a while, have a nap, get up and dressed, sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a visitor (twice!!!) or go out for the afternoon, sit about and watch tv or write my blog, then bed. Not exactly exciting, but I am lucky even to be able to do this.

I have my clinic appointments to attend. When you get there they take your blood pressure and weigh you. Then you wait to have your blood taken. Then you wait to see the doctor. If you have any problems, questions, aches and pains etc, you can discuss it with them. They review your medication, change the doses if they need to and you request more tablets if you need them. As long as there are no problems, off you go. They look at your blood results when they come in the next day and ring if you need to go back for tests or a further hospital stay, or if you need to change medication or diet. Always a relief when you hear nothing from them šŸ‘

I have been very lucky so far and have not had to have any further treatment or tests. Can’t quite believe that actually, though I do think I have had more than my fair share. The one thing I do find difficult is eating. I don’t fancy anything and only eat a tiny bit at a time. (If I eat too much my tummy soon tells me and I feel very full and get some pain, until it digests I guess). This really annoys and stresses my family, as they don’t know what to get for me, and all they want to do is feed me up! ( Especially now, as my weight is going down at the moment). I also have a battle with them about the build up milkshakes I should drink, but don’t want. I am very stubborn.

I am also trying a bit of a lower fat diet to see if it helps my digestion. My potassium is a little bit high, so I’m having to avoid certain foods too. Surely this doesn’t help me to put weight on šŸ˜

On my last clinic appointment, as I am up at the hospital, I visit Marina. Unfortunately she hasn’t been able to get home yet. It is good to see her. While I am there one of the nurses that looked after me during my stay says to me ‘I’ve seen you somewhere before’! As I am looking quite well at the moment she doesn’t recognise me as her former patient. ‘You look very different’. Probably because I’m not yellow any more šŸ˜ƒ

In the clinic waiting area I also see Pat, Alex, Julie – my transplant coordinator. And I have met all my surgeons now. It’s nice to see everybody again. They are your own separate little world while staying in hospital. And I know it will sound weird, but (in some ways) I miss it …

As time goes by I start to get stronger. The stairs are not a mountain anymore. I can get myself a drink, make my own sandwich. I am left on my own. I go back to my own house for a while in the daytime, so I can sort out some washing and do tiny little jobs there (not as much as I want to do though and I do get very frustrated by it).

I am recovering.

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