Not well


Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th July

Wasn’t feeling that great this weekend. Tiredness, tummy pains and diarrhoea again 😦

Went to Banbury Saturday afternoon as I needed some shopping. I didn’t really feel like going but I did need some things. Poor Jack, I hadn’t even got a birthday present for him yet! We went to two shops and I got my bits and pieces and I had enough really so we went back to Chippy. I went home and made myself do a few odd jobs, then I went to Gary’s and he did a barbecue. I knew I needed to eat even though I just wasn’t feeling like it. It was nice.

On Sunday Robyn wanted to go and look at cars for sale. Since her crash she has been driving around in a courtesy car but it’s going back in a week’s time so she needs to think about buying herself a different one. She had arranged to visit four. The first one she quite liked but didn’t love! The second one she didn’t like. The third one she really liked but it had been reversed into a ballard or something which she hadn’t noticed, so that one was no good really. The fourth one she didn’t like the look of. Not a very successful day for Robyn and I still wasn’t feeling that good. I was glad to get back. Robyn went to see her friend and her new baby and I sat in Gary’s garden and watched him make some stick men! He got the idea because some people have been making them ready for the Riverside festival and he has recently chopped down the tree in his garden, so has lots of branches and twigs still laying about. I also managed to reply to a couple of emails I have had for rather a long time, sending them my story. Hope I’m successful :/

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