Jealous by Labrinth


Sunday 30th August

On Sunday me and Gary went car hunting. Sometimes I think its time for me to get a car again now. Mine was a bit of a wreck and the tax had run out while I was in hospital, so I sold it to Jack (Leah’s boyfriend), as he likes messing about with old cars. I haven’t driven for ages. I can’t make my mind up what to do though. I don’t use a car very much, I can walk to and from work when I go back, so does it justify all the costs of the MOT, tax, insurance, petrol, any repairs etc. There are also no parking spaces where we live so we just have to try and find a space on the side of the road near to the house, which sometimes is virtually impossible. That also puts me off. So sometimes I think I won’t bother!

The car I like at the minute is the Fiat 500. I think their quite funky. I saw a lovely bright red one, very smart, brand new though, but I don’t want to be spending that kind of money. Guess I’ll keep looking …

Then we carried on into Oxford and did a bit of shopping. I found another bag I thought I liked, so decided I would get it and see what the kids think of it when I get it home. I like to get their advice (sometimes!)

On the way home we called in to a nearby pub and had some dinner 😀

Back in time for X Factor! It made me cry tonight though (along with Simon Cowell!) A young man sang Jealous by Labrinth. This was my song in hospital. I used to listen to it lots, especially when I got scared, agitated, frustrated, lonely. It seemed to sort me out and calm me down, well sometimes maybe :/ Or when the kids had to go and I was upset they would leave me listening to it. I got to know all the words and used to sing them out loud 🎶 Then when I first came out of hospital and was staying at my sisters I used to go back for a sleep in the morning and I used to play it and it helped me drop off to sleep. I can still so clearly remember everything and hearing that song again, the first time for a while, brought a whole lot of memories back and upset me 😰

But this will ALWAYS be one of my special songs. I love it.

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