Big and little Feastivals


Friday 28th to Saturday 29th August

Friday morning and Robyn and Tom went off to Jamie Oliver and Alex James’ The Big Feastival. A festival of music and food. It’s on Alex James’ farm which is in a village just a couple of miles from us. I wanted to go too but all the tickets were sold, organised Robyn had bought hers months ago!!

So I met my sister Lynda in Cafe Nero instead! She had come over from Hook Norton on her bike 🚲 She brought with her two pieces of cake that her husband John had made. Lemon Drizzle and Fruit. They were both delicious. Thank you. We sat for quite a while chatting and then I showed her how to get a jigsaw puzzle app on her iPad. Apparently she’s now addicted to it, a bit like me :/ My nan and my mum both used to do jigsaw puzzles all the time (not on a computer obviously), seems like we’ve caught the bug from them.

On my way home I saw a family friend who hadn’t seen me since before transplant. We were chatting and he said I was looking well and stuff like that. He told me that when he saw me last he didn’t think I had that long left to live, he thought I looked that bad! Blimey I didn’t know I had looked that ill :/ Made me think a bit when I got home and upset me a little.

On Saturday we went in to Banbury so Gary could pick up his new glasses. He was very excited, he would be able to see again!!! 👀

Did a bit of other shopping too. When I was away with Robyn I bought a bag as I had a gift card to use. I really wasn’t sure about it at the time and still wasn’t when I got it home, so I took it back. I want a bit of a ‘special’ looking bag and one which my precious iPad can fit into, as I take it everywhere with me. I have a bit of a thing about bags and I’m always teased by my family about this. I’ll keep on looking though 👜

Then we went over to the ‘little Feastival’ which a local hotel puts on in their grounds which are very close to The Big Feastival. It’s free, there’s just a few local bands playing and you can sit and have a drink in their garden. Luckily it wasn’t raining.

I was recognised there from the article and photo in the local newspaper. I knew the man years ago but we hadn’t really seen each other for a long while. He waved me over and said ‘I saw you in the paper. I thought I recognised the face’!! So we had a bit of a chat with him and his partner.

Back to Gary’s for pizza and X Factor 🙂

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