Shopping trip


Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th September

A boring day for a Saturday but I didn’t mind too much as I didn’t feel well. My head felt a bit like it was full of pressure! I wondered if because of the cold I had all last week, I had now got sinusitis 😦 I also just felt a bit weak and wobbly and I didn’t really feel like eating too much.

So I had a lazy morning and then made myself do a few jobs around the house in the afternoon. A bit later I received a text from Hannah asking if I wanted to go along there for a cup of tea and cake! What is wrong with that girl lately? She wanted to see me twice in two days? Is it something to do with the fact that her birthday is coming up soon? 😜

I had a couple of vanilla cupcakes with my cup of tea. Yum!

Then in comes Robyn with a handful of dry leaves and throws them on Julie’s carpet. Funny! It seems like Julie has a bit of a thing about the leaves in her garden and outside her front door. She has to keep raking them up 🍃🍂 so it’s coming up to a very busy time for her!!!

Sunday was a trip to IKEA with Gary and his daughter Emma. I really wasn’t sure whether to go or not when I first got up as I was still feeling pretty awful. It seemed that this awful headache I had wasn’t going to give up 😦 But I also didn’t really want to spend another day at home on my own as both Robyn and Leah were out all day doing other things. So I got myself together and off we went. Emma has just decorated her bedroom so she wanted some new bits and pieces to put in there too. We then went to the massive Asda that is next door to IKEA and got a few more things. I think the shopping trip was successful.

It was a bit of an effort for me to get round those shops today. I kept finding myself little places to sit while I waited for the others. I don’t mind doing things like that though, I just did a bit of people watching! 👀

Chaser (a local band) were playing in the Blue Boar this evening. I was exhausted but again I made the effort and me and Gary went down to watch them. Actually had quite a fun time there. And we shared some cheesy chips 😃

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