Different hair


Monday 7th to Thursday 10th September

I had a meeting with someone from HR and my boss Adam today in the Co-op. I wasn’t well though, still had terrible headache, felt a bit sick, body was hurting and a bit wobbly. Really didn’t want to have to bother with something like that, why did it have to be today 😷 But I didn’t feel like I could cancel it. I had been due to see him a couple of months ago but it was when I had my infection and was in hospital and apparently, Hannah told me, Adam had been expecting to see me since then but I didn’t get a letter or anything :/

Off I went. I walked along with Robyn, she was going to get some shopping while she was waiting for me. Then it turned out that I was only seeing Adam. He just asked how I was getting on really and if I was thinking of going back to work and when. A very short meeting. Sure I could have told him this over the phone. Oh well, at least it’s been done now.

We popped in to see Julie and Hannah. Hannah had a day off from work and had been Christmas shopping can you believe?! Hope you got me something good Han! 😊

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were mainly just spent at home again. I still didn’t feel 100%. Robyn wanted me to see the doctor but I was trying my best to resist this. I just didn’t want to end up in hospital again and that’s where I think they probably would have sent me. 

I think it was on Tuesday morning that I didn’t get myself out of bed until 10.30! I almost gave in and rang for an appointment but as I had no temperature I thought I would give it yet another day!

Wednesday afternoon I went along to Robyn’s salon as she was going to do my hair for me 💆 My hair seems to have changed since my transplants. It seems to have gone a bit wavy and out of control, sticking out in weird places just when and where it feels like it. Robyn always asks me ‘right, how are you having your hair this time then’ and I normally never know and it frustrates her! So this time I gave it a tiny bit of thought and said maybe I should let my hair get a bit longer to see if that makes it a bit heavier and stops the sticking out. Robyn agreed. And I also said I wanted to be a bit blonder. Then we were talking to Kayleigh, Robyn’s friend who works there too, and she suggested a copper colour which sounded nice. So we went ahead with that instead! When Robyn got to the cutting stage she noticed that the ends of my hair had gone really quite thin so I needed quite a bit cut off. So I went to the salon thinking I was going to keep the length it was and grow it and be even blonder. And I came out with shorter hair 💇 and maybe it was even a bit darker! I don’t think I will give it any thought again the next time!! I liked it in the end though. Anyway the main thing was I still got my bit of pampering. I love the way Robyn washes my hair, a lovely good old rub followed by a head massage. You can’t beat it! Thanks Robyn 🙂

I seemed to feel a bit better on Thursday. The headache had finally gone. I went for a walk in the evening. I always enjoy that. My feet, legs and especially my ankles don’t though. I always suffer with those when I get back 😦

I have been feeling quite fed up for the last few days. I think it’s mainly because I’ve had enough of not feeling well and having an aching/hurting body and feeling exhausted. Makes everything you have to do so much harder.

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