Friday 11th September

Had to get up early this morning because I was due to have the gas and electric meters changed! The gasman arrived first. He didn’t like dogs so I had to shut Jake out in the garden. Apart from that it was straightforward for him. Then the man from the electric arrived. He couldn’t get one half of the cupboard open where the wires were he needed to get to, it was screwed shut and had then been painted over! I told him to just force it open somehow, my landlady wouldn’t mind about the cupboard, but he said he wasn’t supposed to do any damage :/ Oh no I really wanted it all to be sorted today. So he had a bit more of a try and eventually managed to get it open just enough to get his hand in. Then he discovered the wires needed replacing too so he needed to go back out to his van. But when he came up the stairs he whacked his head really hard on the low ceiling at the bottom and shouted out. Whoops! Poor man, I know from experience that it REALLY hurts. I bet he was glad to get that job over and done with!

While these jobs were going on I was also trying to get hold of the plumber and a builder to do some other jobs. The plumber was going to come round later today and the builder on Saturday morning, to see what needed doing.

Then I got a message from Lynda saying did I want to meet her for a coffee. Ok then! So off I went.

After I had been back a while the plumber knocked on the front door and Gary knocked on the back. The plumber looked at the pipe out in the back garden, couldn’t see a major problem but said he would be back next Saturday maybe, to change something and see if that worked! Gary had come to put together a big storage chest to go in the garden so I could sort/tidy some more of my stuff. But that wasn’t straight forward either. It needed to go on level ground. So as he wasn’t going to be able to actually put the storage chest together this evening, I persuaded him to dismantle Jake’s very old dog kennel and level the ground a bit more so the chest could go there!! Thanks Gary šŸ˜Š

I then cooked myself some food because as I was out in the garden I had missed my chance of Robyn making some for me! šŸ˜¦

And all of this happened while not feeling well again today. Fiddle, after feeling better yesterday I thought I was getting over it.

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