Afternoon in the garden


Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th September

Went to Oxford on Saturday so that I could take the bag back that I bought the other week. No one else really liked it too much, but apart from that my iPad didn’t fit in it comfortably, that’s no good to me as wherever I go my iPad goes too!!! They wouldn’t give me my money back though so now I have a credit note for a shop that I don’t even normally go into. Thank goodness Christmas is on its way!

Emma had been staying at her friends in Oxford so after our shopping was finished we picked her up and all came back to Chippy.

I then went back to Gary’s and had garlic and herb spatchcock chicken with some curly fries! šŸ˜œ Yummy though.

On Sunday afternoon Gary came down to put my garden storage chest together. Yay! 

I was also pottering about in the garden while he was doing this. Jake decided he was going to help me with these tiles I needed to sort out.

There was a big hole in the grass at the top of the garden so I decided I was going to fill it in with the dirt that Gary had been digging out to level the ground!!


It was PBC Day today and the PBC Foundation were asking for photos to be sent in to them with the #movementasmedicine so I tweeted the above photo to them, they replied to me saying ‘great photo, thanks for sharing’. Towards the end of my illness and before transplants, I wouldn’t have had the energy to even think about doing something like this.

After a while Robyn came and sat in the garden with her pyjamas on (she hadn’t got much sleep the night before) and then Julie and Hannah came around, so we all sat and had a cup of tea in the garden. How civilised!! Well it was until Gary decided to break my garden chair and ended up sat in the plant pot which was underneath it šŸ˜‚

Later I bought Gary a Chinese takeaway to say thank you! šŸ˜Š

I had started to feel better this weekend apart from my body aching, that didn’t seem to want to go away. And my feet and ankles were still quite painful, think I’m going to ask the doctor about this on Monday, as their hurting me!  šŸ˜¦

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