Pumpkin soup


Monday 2nd November

When I woke up this morning I felt a bit breathless and my chest felt quite tight. I was a bit surprised at this as my cold had seemed to be getting a tiny bit better. After a bit of nagging from Robyn (it had come round to her day off again already!) I made an appointment at the doctors just to check my chest for any signs of infection. I couldn’t go until 5pm though.

Robyn went off to the gym and I decided to make an apple cake as I had been given some windfall apples. When Robyn returned from the gym she decided to make some pumpkin soup. 

So we had a busy day in the kitchen, with lots of extra washing up for me to do!  :/

I decided I would take some of the apple cake to Robin (the man who gave me the apples) and his wife, who live on a farm just along the road from me. He always used to come to my till to have a chat when I was working. I also took some to Gary. I hung it on his door so it was there for him when he got back from work! I took a bag of things I had been sorting out recently to the charity shop in the town and then picked up a prescription of mine. Thanks Robyn for giving me a lift so I could get all these little odd jobs done 😙

Time for my doctors appointment then. No chest infection, thank goodness, I try to avoid antibiotics now at all costs. So I pick up my note that Dr Fisher has left for me at reception, saying I can go back to work as long as I’m doing shorter hours than my normal shift for a while.

Roll on the morning …

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