Saturday 31st October to Sunday 1st November

On Saturday me and Gary went into Banbury shopping.

Later I popped home to see Robyn. She was going to a Halloween party and was getting dressed up as her version of a pumpkin! This was before she went to her friend’s house to get her face painted.


But still a very skinny and pretty pumpkin!!!

Leah and Jack had been very busy too, sorting out and tidying their bedroom. It was a bit of a state and definitely needed doing. They BOTH have too many clothes that’s the main problem. Looks much better now. How long will it stay this way though? That’s what we are all wondering 😜

Then I went back to Garys as it was going to be another curry Saturday. YAY 😀 While he was cooking I watched the final of the Rugby World Cup, role reversal?! Since the start of the competition I have quite got into watching the game, it fascinates me. Can’t think why 😜


Anyway, chicken, cauliflower and mushroom curry with a tomato and coriander garnish and my favourite side dish, green beans in mustard seeds and this time also with sweet potato added. Absolutely delicious 😋

Nothing much happened on Sunday. It was a lovely sunny day and I really should have been at a car boot sale, as I have sorted some things out to sell, and when I do I’m going to give the proceeds to charity. But I know Robyn would want to help and maybe do something to help promote her challenge at the same time (http://bit.ly/DunbarsDonors) and as she was out at a Halloween party last night, I didn’t think she would be up to it this week!! She was also supposed to be going to visit Tom’s family too. Will try for another Sunday.

Today was #dayoftheliving A day to celebrate donors. So I wore orange today in memory of my donors and lit orange candles for them in the evening. Eternal thanks.


I did a bit of work on my blog and spent some time on Twitter and Facebook also promoting my blog! Watched the results of X Factor and I think that was about it.

PS Just to keep you up to date with my garden path saga, it is still looking the same. No soil or shingle has been put down either side. I haven’t seen or heard from either the builder or my landlord, so I really don’t know what is going on there. I guess they think as I now have slabs all the way down instead of grass and mud, it will be fine!!!

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