Not very clever


Friday 30th October

After my phone call with my GP yesterday evening about getting a note saying I was able to go back to work but for reduced hours, I had to ring Birmingham today just to check if I was allowed to have a flu jab, as my doctor really wants me to have one before I go back to work. I could only get hold of the secretary and she said she would try to get hold of my consultant, ask him and then ring me back. I’m not going to be able to have it at the moment anyway because of my bad cold.

Had a quiz to go to tonight in a nearby village. Leah took Robyn, Hannah and Julie, then me and Gary picked up George (my brother) and should have been Jackie but she couldn’t make it in the end. So off the 3 of us went to meet up with the others. And this was how the teams were worked out, by the people that had travelled together! But oh dear, none of us seemed to be very successful. 

This team finished last out of everybody! but were rewarded with a Mars bar 😋


This team were third from last!!!
Ha ha 😃

I kind of drifted between the two teams as I wanted to hear the gossip from both teams! I promise I didn’t cheat though 😜 I didn’t tell either of them what the others were writing down. I didn’t know many of the answers anyway :/ The questions were quite hard. We had a good time though.

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