Baby donor


Thursday 3rd to Friday 4th December

Thursday was an inside day. I really wanted to take myself out for a coffee but I kept talking myself out of the idea because I needed to give my bedroom a bit of a tidy. (Clothes everywhere because I am messy! but extra clothes everywhere from where I’ve been trying to have a bit of a sort out every now and then!!) I also thought at this time that I would be going for my weekly walk later which would have been my contact with the outside world for today, but two of the others couldn’t make it this week, so it didn’t happen :/ Frustrating that.

Friday was just a work day.

I did hear about this in the news this week though.

‘A baby who died 74 minutes after birth has become the UK’s youngest organ donor’

The parents knew from a scan that sadly she was not going to survive when she was born, so they were able to plan for her kidneys to be donated, which they say they found more helpful for them. The doctors also took some cells from her liver which were frozen and can now be used to treat patients who are waiting for a liver transplant. It’s amazing to think that her organs, which must have been so teeny tiny, have been able to go on and help others.

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