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Monday 30th November to Wednesday 2nd December

An afternoon spent in Banbury with Robyn and Tom. Shopping and a visit to Pizza Express 😀

Work on Tuesday morning. Its now 1st December!

And this happened in Wales. The law changed. You would now automatically be on the Organ Donor list unless you choose to OPT OUT. A great thing to happen. Will England follow in this? We wait to see.      Click on bit.ly/1AxXumY

I served three ladies at separate times today while sat on my till that I know very well and who have all had severe problems with their health. It’s really sad to think about them suffering as they are all such nice, kind women and all used to do lots of different things to help other people. It’s not fair. I really hope they all stay strong, keep fighting and beat their horrible illnesses.

They all knew about what had happened to me and were glad to see me and pleased that I was back at work. One of the ladies had been back to work too but was now going to retire. She was saying about how hard she found it to try and go back to normal, that we’ve all been on some kind of journey that not many other people understand, and it can be very difficult to go back. It was so nice to talk to someone that understands. Everyone that sees me says ‘you’re amazing, you look SO well, are you better now’ and I obviously feel so much better than I did, but there are still things going on in my body and head that people can’t see, and I think that’s what makes it so difficult. I don’t like to keep going on about it because I think people get fed up of hearing it, and I know that there are many many people much worse off than me. But yes, I do agree, it’s hard.
On Wednesday I was very tired but I didn’t feel unwell. Maybe I’m getting used to this work business!! I had lots of jobs to catch up with today and lots of washing. My house is on 3 floors so I’m up and down the stairs constantly. I think I’m actually going to count how many times I do it one day. Even if I just want to get myself a drink I have to go down and then back up the stairs!

Jake obviously decided that he wanted to come up the stairs to our living room and see us a few times this week. So there we are eating our breakfast or whatever and suddenly in he comes round the door! The trouble is he can’t get back down them without falling (they are steep, twisty and narrow) as he is old now and his legs are not the best. So we have to hold on to his collar and guide him down, without tripping over him ourselves. Not the easiest of jobs 😏

Later in the afternoon I had to go and pick up a parcel that had been delivered to our old house, so I walked up the hill to get that. It was weird and quite horrible going back there. The kids grew up there, my friend lived just across the lane, lots of happy memories, we just didn’t want to leave there 😦

Anyway I got my parcel, then I walked back into town to pick up my prescription and then I met Robyn when she had finished work. I think I mentioned before that my old neighbour Tony had sadly died. So we went to meet some of our friends and had a drink with them at the wake.

Then it was time to go to Christmas bingo! We normally go to this every year. It’s a bit of fun. The prizes are boxes of chocolates, biscuits, Christmassy things etc. Robyn won the full house prize in one of the games, a tub of Heroes chocolates and a Christmas selection box (and she won’t even eat chocolate!) The rest of us were not lucky. Oh Hannah won some chair cushions in the raffle at the end, but she wasn’t too pleased about it 😝

When I was on my own later that night I was reading things other people say in a group I’m in for people with PBC and it was about the illness coming back after transplant. I’ve always known that it happens but when you hear people saying that it’s happened to them it makes it all a bit more real. Got me thinking. Do I really want to go through all that stuff again, years of feeling crap, endless medication and then possibly, if lucky enough, another transplant? Not sure I could do it …

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  1. That scares me Pinny 😦 when I think about it I’m not sure I could go through all that again either, but I know I would because seeing you do the things you couldn’t for such a long time and the smiles on your face I hadn’t seen for such a long time when you were so poorly makes it all worth it! I’m so proud of you Pinny ❤️


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