Great phone


Friday 22nd to Saturday 23rd January

A good job I was feeling quite well today as I had a busy day to get through. My normal morning at work. Home for something to eat, some washing up. Then back at 6pm for my second shift at work, for stocktaking :/ I did start to feel rather tired through this, but I made it! And that was that day over and done with.

Saturday. I understand that now I have my lovely mini, I am going to be driving Gary everywhere we go at weekends!! so today was a trip to Banbury. I decided to take my phone back into the phone shop and get it sorted, even if that meant me having to be without it while they sent it away, as i was completely fed up with it restarting itself whenever it felt like it! I never knew if anyone had tried to call me, had sent me a text or had replied to my texts, and it was causing problems. The man in the shop looked at my phone and said that I had too many applications running at the same time and that would be what the problem was. He closed them all down for me. I told him I wasn’t convinced about that, but he sent me away saying just to come back if it didn’t work.

So off we went to do some other shopping. 

And then guess what happened? Yep, my phone switched itself off. I just knew it wasn’t going to be that simple. I know people think I’m a bit thick in that department! and probably think the cause is just something that I’ve been doing myself, but I’ve cleared lots of things off my phone over the last couple of months to try and clean it up a bit and see if any of that stopped the problem, and it never. Anyway, back to the shop we go. I tell the man its just happened again, so he does what he has to do and gets it ready to be sent away. They tell me I’ll get a replacement phone until mine is fixed. Oh that won’t be too bad then I think to myself. Then he comes out with this.

Was he kidding me? 😂 I couldn’t quite believe it.

A bit of a blast from the past. Such a tiny screen, which I wanted to keep touching, but it didn’t work like that! And I had to press the buttons either once, twice or three times quickly, depending what letter I wanted!!

Earlier in the week Gary had received his first spice pack through the post, one of his Christmas presents, I think he was looking forward to cooking up a storm  – and I was looking forward to tasting it!


When he was describing some of the things he was going to be doing, I was thinking that some of it wasn’t going to be to my taste. I was wrong :/

Kaistang Feng curry (made with pork which was different straight away as we normally always have chicken!) served with coconut rice, Sambal Belacan (which was the only bit I didn’t eat, a little too spicy for me :/ ) Acaa Tumin (basically pickled cucumber served with watercress and rocket, actually really nice) and my absolute favourite Braised Cabbage (but we actually had braised cauliflower! with carrots, cooked in mustard seeds, just dee-licious). What a clever boy he is 🤓

I strongly recommend that you cook this for yourself!!!

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