Painful hip


Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th August

I had a day off from work today. My landlady had arranged for an estate agent to call round to the house to get it valued so I needed to get a bit of tidying up done! Then as it was a lovely day I decided to do a bit more sorting out in the shed and garden. I got on quite well and sorted a few more things for me to try and sell or to put up as an offer on the Freecycle site. The only problem was that my back and now my hip was really hurting which made everything so much harder to deal with šŸ˜«

On Wednesday most of the day was spent at work.

A lot of my volunteering time this Thursday morning was spent with a lady that also suffers with PBC. Next week she has got an appointment to find out about going on the transplant list. We had a good chat about all sorts of things and I hope I helped to put her mind at rest over just a few things. I really hope everything turns out well for her. 

I enjoy watching most sports on the TV now. Gary is a football fan and I really do enjoy watching a game with him! I affectionately say it’s because of my ‘man liver’ šŸ˜ I was talking to Mark about this and he asked me what team I support. I don’t have a special one yet! He came up with a great idea – if I could find out where my second donor was from I could start to support that town’s football club …

Unusually I had got an appointment to see my own GP, I didn’t want to lose that chance, so off I went. I was going for my outstanding blood results. My urate level had gone down slightly and at last I found out that the test was negative for CMV, so I must have just had some other weird virus when I was ill a little while ago now.  

I decided to mention about my hip hurting while I was there as I was getting a bit fed up with the pain! He basically said he thought it was because I was getting old!! – wear and tear šŸ˜« Great.

So I decided to go ahead and try a walk out tonight and see how I got on. I made it round and it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it might be.

Friday was just a non-stop day, a busy morning at work in the Co-op and a busy afternoon at home.

Have a look at these childrens’ lunches from around the world. There certainly are some odd combinations there šŸ˜

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