Sore knees


Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th March

This Saturday afternoon was mainly spent by me grovelling around in our loft (hurts your knees that does!) I was making some space so that we could transfer boxes from Gary’s loft to ours. When we had to move for the first time in 20 years in 2014 (that was another really horrible experience to go through 😟) we were having to rent a smaller house and also were not allowed to use the loft space there :/ so we needed to find other storage places for some of our boxes. It was mainly Robyn and Leah’s things that I had kept from when they were little. It was fun to be able to have a quick look through before we stacked them back up into the loft again. Brought some memories back 😶

This was followed by a late afternoon trip into Banbury, where we seemed to eventually end up in Pizza Hut! 🍕

On Sunday we went for, what is getting to be a bit of a regular, family walk 😂 Myself, Leah, J&H today. I took them on a walk similar to one that I had recently been on with a friend a few weeks before, we passed the garden centre on the Banbury Road, through fields and woodland which eventually brought us out into the nearby village of Over Norton, then we made our way back through some very muddy places

and through the cemetery (so we said a quick hello to mum and dad 😰) and back up into our town where we were due to meet our other sister Lynda in Caffè Nero for a catch up ☕️ (and when Robyn had finished her gym session she joined us too, obviously not wanting to be left out of anything that might be going on!)

That weekend was soon over ⏱

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