Wasted journey


Thursday 16th to Friday 17th March

Because I had been out all day on Monday and I knew I was having a busy day tomorrow, I didn’t make it into volunteer this Thursday. I had many jobs that needed to be done and some odd jobs that I needed to get sorted in town. Then I walked to our just out of town supermarket to get a couple of extra miles in for my walking challenge and called in for a coffee at Nero’s on my way back through the town. A lady came over and sat by me and started talking. She said she had recently moved into Oxfordshire from Birmingham and she said she had gone back to visit for the day on Monday. I asked her which part of Birmingham – it was Kings Norton. I explained that we had driven through there on Monday as well when we were on the way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She then said that her daughter was a nurse in one of the operating theatres there! Can you believe that? Small world 🌎

Evening walk.

(Update on our friend Alex – We had heard that she was having some problems since we saw her on Monday. Thinking of you Alex, you can do this πŸ’ͺ)

I started work at 9am this Friday so that I could finish at 1pm, which would then give me a bit of extra time to get home, get ready, pick up my car and drive to Oxford as I had an assessment meeting to attend for an allowance that I receive.

Its easier to use the Park & Ride to get into the City Centre. So I was on the bus on my way into Oxford when I received a phone call from the Advisory Service to say they were running late with their appointments and I might not get seen today! Oh right, what was I supposed to do now? I was already travelling on the bus. So I decided to carry on and make my way to the Assessment Centre and was prepared to wait to be seen. I waited for an hour, then the receptionist came out and told me that in fact the assessor was still writing the report for the previous appointment and it was definitely not going to be possible for me to be seen today. I couldn’t quite believe this as they state clearly on the letter how very important it is that you attend. Couldn’t the assessor continue with my appointment as arranged and then write the reports later?! Obviously not.

So annoying. I had changed my working hours and made the effort to get to my appointment as they had requested. And now I’m just going to have to go through it all again when they send me the next appointment through. How much extra costs have they made for themselves? Double the travel expenses which I think I can claim for a start 😀

I got back just in time to have a very quick shower, got ready and then went straight back out to our local theatre as Gary wanted to go and see I’m sorry, I’ll read that again. I had never heard of this before or had any idea what it was all going to be about 😏 but it was nice to have a different type of evening out.

Look at this. Taihang Grand Canyon in Linzhou, Henan, China. I would like to climb it! It’s a national tourist spot. Its famous cylindrical ladder is 88 meters tall.

Wow 😳

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