Fast walk


Thursday 4th to Friday 5th May

No volunteering for me this Thursday morning. I hadn’t had a very good night’s sleep, so I was very tired and my body was aching. I was due to attend a meeting in the afternoon and I also needed to do some birthday present shopping (for one of my daughters!) It would all just have been too much of a rush, which I really didn’t think I was feeling up to today 😫

So I went into Oxford, went around the shops and actually managed to be quite successful with my present shopping. I then took myself for a much needed sit down, a good excuse for a Costa ☕️ 

Just as I started to make my way to my rearranged assessment meeting I received a phone call. ‘Sorry but we don’t think we will be able to see you today’. Do you remember that I had exactly the same thing happen to me when I first went for this assessment back in March? I did actually complain to the Advisory Service then and they sent me a letter back thanking me for my feedback and saying “I have requested that your next appointment goes ahead without any further inconvenience being caused”!

Well that request didn’t work then did it! So while I was waiting for them to definitely decide if they had time to see me or not I went for a walkabout in Christ Church Meadow and then down by the river, where I saw Oxford’s own version of the Loch Ness Monster!!! 🐲

I called into the assessment centre on the way back from my walk. They couldn’t see me today. The people who had the time slot before me were still waiting in there to be seen. There wouldn’t be enough time.

I will be complaining again. They state in the appointment letter they send out to you ‘It is important that you attend this assessment’ and yet every time I make the effort and change my plans to go to every appointment which they send through to me, they then decide they haven’t the time. It’s not on.

I called into one final shop on my way back through the city centre and then caught the Park & Ride bus back to my car. I then still needed to quickly pop into Sainsbury’s and also get some petrol ⛽️ for my car.

I eventually got in at 6.55pm. I left the house for our Thursday evening walk at 7pm. I had just made it!

We had a nice walk along a country footpath and through the farmer’s fields for a change this evening as the weather was nice and dry. The problem was that a couple of the other ladies unusually wanted to get back for other things this evening and so they really picked the speed up to what we normally do. As I was already feeling pretty tired from my lack of sleep, my busy day shopping, my walk along the river and the stress of the cancelled meeting, I found it quite hard work. I was exhausted when I got home 😴

Work on Friday. Then I walked straight from there up to the doctor’s surgery for another B12 injection and yet another blood test, 3 attempts this time before they managed to actually take my blood. I walked back home and then decided to clean the kitchen. Busy (tired) old me!!!

Leah finished working at the dentist’s today. She has been there for three years and has got on well, qualifying to be a dental nurse while she was there. But she is moving on to something she has always wanted to do 🏥 I really hope she will be okay in her new job 😏

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