Best in Care Awards


Thursday 23rd November

I think I told you that I was a bit gobsmacked for being nominated for one of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Best in Care Awards. Then I was even more surprised to find out that I had been shortlisted to become one of the three finalists in my category. This meant that I was invited to attend the Awards Ceremony in Birmingham, which was taking place tonight.

I was able to get two extra tickets so that Robyn and Leah could attend with me. Thank goodness I did as I was having to hobble around on my crutches, still not feeling brilliant and obviously couldn’t drive myself there.

I hadn’t been to anything like this before so it was a little nerve wracking wondering what was going to happen.

We found the venue, after a little difficulty! We were given a programme for the evening – and I was in it!

We were also given vouchers for two free drinks each 🍷 Off we went to find a seat so that we could be near the front.

There were 12 separate awards in total including Behind the Scenes Award, Chief Nurse Award, Brighter Futures Award and Team of the Year. A real variety.

My category, Charity Supporter of the Year, was coming up in the first half of the ceremony.

I didn’t win 😐! The man that did has been connected with the charity for more than ten years, so I guess I still have got a few more years of charity work to do yet!

I managed to hobble onto the stage to have my photo taken with the other finalists from the first half!

There was an interval where they laid on a lovely buffet and then back to giving out more awards.

A nice evening and yet another different experience for me.

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