What’s been happening?


Friday 24th to Thursday 30th November

I will now start to update you on what has been happening!

I had my first assessment appointment with a physiotherapist to attend. It’s so much more complicated and stressful when you’re having to rely on lifts and the timings of the local volunteer bus service to get around. Anyway once I got there the physio confirmed the calf muscle tear, said I had very badly injured my leg and because I hadn’t been able to put any weight on my leg for so long, which is completely normal in people with this injury, would have lots of hard work to do 😖 I would need urgent physio. She would refer me for NHS physio but the problem was that with the waiting list you are never sure when you will be seen, sometimes as long as four months she thought and she said there was no way I could wait for that long to start any treatment. She strongly recommended that I have a couple of private sessions while I was waiting. She gave me an exercise to do to stretch the calf muscle, showed me how I should be walking properly on my crutches and showed me a way of going up and down the stairs (which I had to do in the middle of the doctor’s surgery!) to save me having to go on my bum and hurting my arms and shoulders. Trying to get my balance to come down the stairs while just using the crutches was difficult and scary and it was all quite exhausting.

The weekend was spent not doing much. But it was a curry Saturday which is always a good thing 😀

I also had a bit of a fun but scary wheelchair ride to my sister’s house with Robyn pushing me, she wasn’t really in any kind of control 🤪 but it was nice to get out of the house for a bit.

In the middle of the following week I had my first private physio session. Oh my goodness me. Normally one of my favourite things in the world to have is a leg massage – this one was horrendous. She told me that in the end it would actually be helping my leg a lot, helping the scar tissue to all lie in the same direction which is how they should be, rather than all higgledy piggledy. Despite the tremendous pain 😩 she put me through, I liked the physio lady. I felt that she explained everything to me very clearly, she knew just how much she was hurting me and was very understanding. I do think that she helped me a lot. She then used an ultrasound machine over my leg, which she explained was helping to rejuvenate the cells and get them working again. This was also extremely painful, especially over my ankle area which apparently shouldn’t have been the case. At the end of the session she then said that she had some doubt as to whether I had maybe chipped or cracked the ankle bone slightly and wanted me to arrange to go for an X-ray. I was to put no weight on my leg again until I knew that it wasn’t broken.

I felt completely wrecked and exhausted. I managed to get myself to Nero’s for a much needed relax and a latte coffee treat and to try and get my head together and think how I was going to actually get to have an X-ray. After some phone calls I found out that I had to have a form from a doctor before I could get an X-ray, I couldn’t just turn up. Oh blimey. Time to get myself back to the bus stop so that I could get a lift home.

So the next day I had to get a lift up to the doctor’s surgery early to be in with any chance of seeing a doctor. They managed to fit me in, thank goodness I know some of the receptionists well! I got the X-ray form. I then had to wait for the volunteer bus to arrive so that I could get back into town, I also then had to wait around in town until it was time for the bus that would get me to Banbury and then I had to get off at the bus station and wait for the bus that would take me to the hospital! All of this is made so much more difficult with the fact that I’m on crutches and not allowed to put my foot down. And getting your purse out of your bag to get the bus fare and whatever else you need is all so much more difficult. Anyway I did it. A bit of an adventure.

When I finally got to A&E I was eventually seen by a doctor and then waited for the X-ray. The radiographer wasn’t the most sympathetic of people, telling me to try and get my foot in this certain position which it just couldn’t get in! Anyway the X-ray was taken. Back to the doctor – and some good news. They couldn’t see any chip or crack in the bone.

I didn’t have to do a repeat performance of the buses for the way back, Leah was working in A&E that afternoon. In fact she didn’t feel well herself and was leaving work early but thankfully she waited for me to be finished so that I was able to get a much more comfortable lift home.

Obviously still no walking was able to be done towards my 1000 mile challenge ☹️

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