Friday 7th September

This is my two precious girlies back in 2015 when they were waiting for me to come out of theatre from my first transplant.

They were quite simply amazing during the whole time I was very ill. It must have been so tough for them. But they kept me going, rubbing my legs, ‘fanning’ me as I was so hot, whatever else I demanded, I was not an easy patient during my crazy times. They gave me a good telling off for this too πŸ˜–

One of the reasons I’ve picked this picture to go on here is because it reminded me of myself now, still sleeping on the sofa! Normally I sleep really quite well on it but last night I just could not seem to sleep for any length of time, I kept waking up, I needed the toilet, I was so hot! Not what I needed really as I had decided to try and go back to work today after not being well this week. I survived it! πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜€

So if you would like to become someone’s hero, why not register here right now on theΒ NHS Organ Donor Register πŸ‘

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