Bee Alive


Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st March

What some lovely warm and sunny days 🌤

I’ve still been going out for walks throughout the winter but it is so nice to feel the warm sunshine again when outside and being able to have a little walk across the fields again, rather than having to pound the payments with all the traffic rushing past.

And it’s so nice to be able to potter around in my garden again.

This is one of my new plants this year. It’s tiny I know, you can barely see it!

Bee Alive, a good name for a transplant survivor I thought.

Hopefully I will be able to post another photo when it flowers 🌼🤞

At the weekend there was an enjoyable evening spent outside listening to some live music at a local fundraising event.

A Mothers Day lunch out (as always in rather a random place 🤪) which was fun, and later a couple of hours spent listening to a bloke singing country music in a pub in the town. A lot of the music was what my mum and dad used to play in our house when I was a child, made me feel emotional.

I miss you lots mum and dad xx

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