Major catch up time!!


Tuesday 25th June to Friday 26th July

What’s been going on?!!!

As you can see from my earlier posts I went to Cornbury Music Festival.

The following weekend was spent looking after Leah. She got VERY bad tonsillitis. She had a high temperature, lots and lots of pain, she couldn’t really even get out of her bed for a few days, very unusual to see her like this and not very nice.

There was even a little trip to Outpatients at the hospital to get her even more tablets 😖

There was a spur of the moment little trip to Bourton-on-the-Water, as it was a lovely warm evening, for some tasty fish and chips by the river.

The next weekend after that was Riverside Festival.

And then I needed to get ready for my upcoming holiday.

I’ve been non-stop busy really. And when I haven’t been doing either something fun, working, trying to sort out difficult and stressful problems or normal day to day stuff, I’ve either been just slumped on the sofa with a hurting body or sleeping!

Just like one of my customers said to me, “I feel like I’ve woken up in someone else’s body this morning and it had been run over before I even got into it …” 🥴

PS Oh, and look at all my strawberries! 😃

I also managed to grow some very delicious strawberries and a pretty flower during this time!

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