Monday 8th February

Well – I woke up to this.


And it seems like Jake thought he should go and have a look and see what havoc Storm Imogen had caused in his garden 😄

I spent today at home doing lots of different jobs including spending more time on my Abdomen course!

I just happened to be watching a bit of a programme on the tv in the afternoon where a man was visiting the British Ironworks Centre in Oswestry, and they showed this.

 40,000 spoons have been used!

If you would like to read how the idea for the gorilla came about then click on the link – Spoon gorilla He’s going on tour too!!!

Anyway, the point of me telling you about the above is because it immediately reminded me of something that I have seen some people with PBC referring to, on the many groups on social media that I have joined. They mention that they ‘have ran out of spoons for today’ or that they ‘need more spoons’. I have often wondered what it was all about and so I decided to find out where it all came from.

A lady called Christine Miserandino has written this The spoon theory

It is definitely worth a read. I do think it is quite a good way of explaining things to other people who don’t have the struggle of living with a difficult illness every day.

It is also explained in Wikipedia

So to all of you people who are struggling out there every day, just a silly thought, this is where some of your spoons might have gone to!!! 😏

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