Cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo


Saturday 6th to Sunday 7th February

An afternoon trip to Banbury for some shopping. Managed to get Gary to agree to do the drive back today so I could get myself a lovely latte from Costa πŸ˜€ Home to see what was happening in my house with Robyn and Leah for a while and then back to Gary’s for the evening.

β˜•οΈ Drinking coffee every day is linked to a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis …

I knew there was a reason why I like to go to Costa when I’m out and about. And now I have even more of an excuse to go πŸ˜€

Interesting read

There also are many other articles about the liver in the link above from Medical News Today which are well worth a read when you have a spare few minutes!

Sunday was a relaxing morning, a lot of it being spent on my iPad researching for my post on the Chinese New Year. I got quite interested in it all but it is very time consuming. I had to make myself stop, get off the sofa and get on with the day! So this was followed by an afternoon of odd jobs at home to make me feel a bit better. And then I returned back to my blogging later 😏

Gary popped round at some point during the afternoon to put up my lovely cuckoo clock that Julie had given me for Christmas! I have fancied getting one for ages, and now I’ve got one! I fancied putting it in the kitchen but Leah and Jack were dead against this as their bedroom is right next door!! I wouldn’t really get to see it myself too often anyway if it was down there so I decided it could go above the tv in the living room.


So now it can keep me and Robyn awake instead!!!

I do love it 😍 But I do have a bit of a problem which IS quite annoying. It is cuckooing at 10 minutes past the hour and it is not doing the right number of cuckoos for the time showing!! So now I have another little job to do in trying to work out how to reset it πŸ€”

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