Skin check


Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th February 

Well my headache had gone this morning thank goodness. But I still was very tired at work. 

When I got home I had a lengthy phone call with the Co-op’s Occupational Health lady about how I’ve been getting on at work and if I thought I would be able to increase my hours anymore and if so, when. All those kinds of things.

During the afternoon I also found out that my hospital friend Marina was extremely poorly now in Critical Care, so I got very upset 😢  Then Marina very sadly died later in the evening. So I got very upset again 😥 Marina has been having a rough time but she seemed to be getting a little better and her family were hoping that she would soon be back on the transplant list. But she became ill again at home, then had a stroke while she was in hospital and then caught pneumonia. Some things are just NOT fair.

On Thursday I got up still thinking about Marina and her family and feeling sad. But I had previously told myself that I was giving the bathroom a clean today. So that’s what I still did, along with loads of washing and other odd jobs about the house. I had a busy day, up and down the stairs countless times (as I have a staircase from the kitchen to the living room and bathroom). By the end of the day my back was killing me again, it has been so much better up until now 😦 Think I had done too much for one day.

In the afternoon I had an appointment at the GP’s surgery to have a full body skin check. As my immunosuppression tablets make me more at risk now of getting skin cancer (among other things!) my Horton Hospital consultant had advised me to go and get this done. Everything seemed okay. I just have one mole on the back of my shoulder that I need to keep a closer eye on, the others are all okay so far. I was advised to go back every 3-6 months so my skin can be monitored. I didn’t realise I was going to have to go quite so regularly, does this mean that the risk of me getting skin cancer is really quite high now? 

I went for my walk with friends in the evening.

Friday morning and back to work again. At home in the afternoon, always doing much needed housework. And I think I tried to set aside a few minutes between jobs so I could get on with the course I am doing. I have finished my course on Liver Transplantation now and I’m doing a small course on the Abdomen!! No idea why particularly, I just saw that it was starting when I was looking on the website and I thought it might be quite interesting – which it is 🙂

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