More wrinkles


Tuesday 2nd February

Up early for my treat day 😵 I was being taken for a day in the spa at Fawsley Hall. My Christmas present from Robyn and Leah.

As it was Tuesday it was Leah’s weigh in day. So on the way me and Robyn waited in the car while Leah popped in quickly. A lady was coming back to her car in front of us and I said to Robyn ‘I used to go to school with her’, then ‘do I look as old as she does? :/’ So my lovely daughter Robyn says ‘well you’ve got more wrinkles than she has …’ 😱 And I’ve now got to spend the rest of the day with her!!!!!  We did have a nice time. A big hot tub outside, sauna, steam room, swimming pool inside 🏊 that we could use whenever we wanted throughout the day. We all had a back, neck and shoulder massage in the morning. A bit painful for me at times though.

When it was time for lunch we had to walk back over to the main hotel which was a bit strange. In the other spas I’ve been to, you can just stay in your robe but we obviously had to get dressed. Well me and Leah did. Robyn seemed to think it would be fine to go over in her tights and a top 😂

Lunch was good though.

 Lovely breads with Parmesan and olive oil with balsamic vinegar for dipping. Leah had sea bass. And me and Robyn had lemon chargrilled chicken. Dee-licious 😋

After lunch Robyn and Leah had a facial. I had a tired eye treatment! which basically was a facial too but with a bit more attention around the eyes. That was lovely. 

Then we went through to our last treatments together. Me and Leah had our finger nails shaped and polished 💅🏻 and Robyn had the same but on her toes!

Then we were a bit stuck as obviously we needed to wait for the polish to dry! So we had a cup of tea while waiting, then eventually all had a lovely shower and headed for home.

I had a bit of a headache throughout the day. When I got back I started to not feel too good :/ My headache had got a bit worse and I was completely exhausted. I just sat on the sofa for a while but in the end I just had to go to bed 😴 

I’m not sure my spa day was supposed to have made me feel like this …

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