Sunday 13th to Friday 18th August

A couple of extra nice walks this week.

A walk with Robyn, her friend Shanice and Gary, which ended up being over 5 miles. We just seemed to keep on walking! It also seemed to be the afternoon for seeing wildlife, both dead 😫 and also very much alive. Two deer, chickens and SO many rabbits. 

A walk with Nina which was over 6 miles! We set out to go blackberry and crab apple picking as Nina had previously seen where there were lots. And there certainly were. We got loads. It was good fun. I haven’t done this for many many years. The warm sun 🌀 was shining down on us too.

We then decided to carry on walking. Nina showed me the way to a different bridlepath nearby which I haven’t been down before. It went through some really lovely woodland and countryside. I would really like to walk it again.

We came out near Sarsden, made our way to the village of Churchill and then walked home from there. My feet were hurting A LOT by the end of it, I was pretty tired (I had already walked to work for 8 o’clock that morning and then home again) but it had been a really nice, enjoyable walk.

A visit to Banbury to see my original consultant Dr Ellis. He finally agreed that it is a bit of a waste of my time to have an appointment with him when I am still quite regularly going to Birmingham. They look after me there, there is nothing else he can really do for me at the moment. I did feel a little sad about this though, I have been regularly seeing him for many years, it was Dr Ellis that actually diagnosed what was wrong with me and he has looked after me through my many years of suffering with PBC. Although if I can keep doing well, my consultant in Birmingham may one day decide to share my care with Dr Ellis, so sometimes I might be able to go to Banbury for some of my check ups and I will get to see him again πŸ™‚

I spoke to a doctor at my surgery as I needed to order some more Noresthisterone (hormone) tablets. The doctor I spoke to wasn’t too keen on the idea, she said people normally didn’t stay on them for as long as I have done. I explained that I needed them because they were stopping the heavy bleeding that I would otherwise get. I also explained that I had an appointment soon with my consultant to try and sort out what the plan of action was going to be to finally sort me out in this department! So she agreed in the end that she would prescribe me some more of these tablets, as long as I only took them for a short time.

I have been given this extra appointment as there has been a lot of confusion going on. I was getting phone calls for appointments for treatment which I refused, because I didn’t know anything about it as there was a big delay in me actually receiving the letters which the doctors had actually written for me! 😏 So I am kind of looking forward to seeing my consultant so that I can hopefully find out what’s going on and get things sorted. It’s been ongoing since April ☹️

Some nights I don’t sleep too well. I wake up to go to the loo then my mind starts racing and I can’t get back to sleep. One night this week was particularly bad, I didn’t sleep well from 3am, which is very tough when I have to be up early for work.

Maybe it’s because of the above that just lately I keep remembering my dreams? The following two came to me when I was sat on my till, so I wrote all the details down so that I could remember to tell you about them!

I think I was in a hotel on holiday, sat around a swimming pool with some members of my family watching some kind of entertainment that was taking place in the water. We moved around the pool to get a better look, I left my iPad behind and when I realised and went back to look it had gone 😳 I started to madly look about for it. For anyone that knows me well they will tell you that this would be my very worst nightmare. Thankfully I woke up then and realised that my iPad was in the bed right next to me! πŸ˜‚

I also remember lots of old ladies attending a service at the church in our town but bizarrely they were all stood around outside singing. This one seems to be a very short dream!

My mind is very weird! πŸ˜–

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