Adventures of Tuesday continued


So the co-ordinator turned up. Really nice, helpful lady. We have arranged a family meeting for Thursday morning. What actually might be happening to me is beginning to sink in. Terrified and tried to have few tears on my own when she left. But guess what – in comes a nurse wanting to take my blood pressure again. Because I had been watching the helicopter and I said about my daughter Robyn, who had to go in 1 after road accident, she started talking about her daughter who was very nervous of driving after she had a minor bump, her mother in laws car crash, then her daughters love life and how she went on Internet dating for a bit, then her daughters illness, her son, her husband. But all of this was in such great detail without hardly a breath being taken!! She was lovely but not quite what I needed just at that time 😕
And she also made me miss my other photo opportunity cos 5 minutes after the yellow helicopter taking off a red and yellow one arrived which was the same colour as Robyn went in and I wanted to show her. (Sorry Robyn)
Oh what fun 😆

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