Thursday – Family meeting day šŸ’»


Family meeting day with transplant co-ordinator. It filled us all full of information until you could fit no more in. That’s what I felt like anyway. Some of it was quite hard to listen to, I think especially for my family, as I have either been told or I have asked questions myself about the negative side of things as I have seen the various doctors etc during the week. 

Bye Gary – he went back to work šŸ”§šŸ”©šŸ”Ø

The anaesthetist came along a bit later. She explained what would happen to me from her side of things, what tubes I would have where etc. Loads basically. Up my nose, in my neck, wrist, etc but she didn’t mention one coming out the top of my head which my big sister Lynda told me Ronnie has in Eastenders! So I guess it could be worse.

Oh bye Lynda – dunno what she went back to, probably ā›³ļø or šŸ·

Just me, Robyn and Leah left. And we were lucky enough to get a visit from Chaplain Gill who told us about her operation for pancreatic cancer, wished me well and was gone šŸ™‚

Don’t think too much happened after that did it anyone? Just waiting for doctors etc to have a good old gossip about me tomorrow and give me their decision but various people have said different things which make me feel I will be going on the priority list. But who knows? Still MY decision to make šŸ’£

See I’ve found some little piccies? šŸ˜ƒ 

Oh and btw Robyn Dunbar, when you next come to visit me do you think you could leave me some of my own water to drink?  :/

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