Wednesday – Scary day continued


What can I say about today πŸ˜—

Met one of the surgeons this morning. Charming man! and very professional. Told me in great detail what to expect with the transplant, some of which I understood, some not. It’s very real now, it could be happening …

I asked him about living donors as in the past we had been told it wasn’t an option but he disagreed and said their a good option – so if anyone’s interested?! A lot of serious thought has to go into it tho.

And then I actually got a visit, YAY, from my sister Lynda and her husband John. They bought me a latte coffee πŸ˜€

I also was visited by 3 people, 2 of who had undergone a liver transplant themselves and 1 who’s wife had, but many years ago. Lovely people, but not at all what I expected!! Will definitely be searching for others that are maybe a bit more current if you know what I mean?!

Oh I also face timed my two wonderful daughters who seemed most disinterested in me. But they were waiting for their friends to knock and take them to the pub!! Missing me aren’t they. One just kept laughing at me, the other just sat looking!! What else are daughters for. Oh and Leah in response to your comment about me not being there to ask you strange questions, I will be back, I think I have been texting you a few still and always will, and as you weren’t available earlier I have asked the surgeon some today, poor man😁

So most of today I have spent lounging around on my bed, which was fine this morning as very sleepy and not that great again. But I seem to come alive at night so do you know what I’m going to do now. I’m going to go and explore the hospital etc and hopefully come back via a shop so I can get some nice goodies. So wish me luck as I am a bit unsteady on my feet, off I go …..

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