Thursday – Lots of appointments


I must start my post tonight by apologising to Robyn. I am not very good with technical equipment! and find this WordPress quite difficult to use. Which means I can’t always work out how to find other people’s comments or posts to read. So I have managed it at last tonight and have just read all the ones she has done. They are all brilliant, from her point of view and with some very special ones.

So today I had two appointments in Banbury, so I decided to borrow Robyn’s car and take myself. This has been the first time I have driven for a long time and one of the few occasions I have gone out on my own. I was a bit apprehensive (being responsible for someone else’s car made this a bit worse I think). I think I did very well, although something from my shopping (yes I even went into a supermarket) did manage to leak on Robyn’s car seat. I’m sure she was cross about that really.

Maybe as I did so well I can think about going back to work next.

My first appointment was to see my old consultant Dr Ellis who I have been seeing from the very start of my illness. Think he just wanted to catch up with all the gossip really and see what the other consultants had been saying about him! My second appointment was to see my Financial Advisor. I have been arranging a Will with him, in case anything happens to me during the transplant process. And we are also going to try and see if I can get some money out of my Life Insurance, as because I haven’t been able to work for quite a while now, obviously I am getting very little money. All these things have to be taken into consideration and still be dealt with by me, despite people saying that I’m really annoying because I take too long to answer, am muddled and confused, I seem to be able to organise all this stuff. Case of having to I guess.

After I got back I then had a further appointment later in the day to see my GP. I had to give him a letter from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, arrange vaccinations, blood tests and also updated him on what had been happening.

What a day. I really hope I don’t get a phone call tonight as I’m very tired and could do with a good sleep – hopefully. Although I suppose that would be one way of getting it.

I have slight pain in my kidney area and backache today/tonight so am badly hoping that will have gone away tomorrow …

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