Wednesday – Fidgety


Woke up with headache and feeling sick and generally not well. Just not with it. Got up but just led on sofa and must of fell back to sleep as next thing I knew it was quarter to eleven. So I had to force myself to have some Cheerios for my breakfast and take all my medication. Didn’t do much and just sat about then thought it’s no good I’m going to have to go back to bed. Something I have avoided doing for a long time because it makes it even harder than normal to sleep at night, but I just had to today. Eventually came round, did a couple of jobs and thought I had better eat again. This eating game is so annoying and hard to do when you just don’t feel well. 

I felt a little brighter. This meant I was able to get to the salon where Robyn is a hairdresser because she said she could do my hair for me. I did think earlier in the day I was going to have to cancel. Walking there tired me out! (have been quite breathless today at times) and it’s not very far from my house. I wasn’t too bad to start with but then I started to get fidgety which I know annoyed her but she was very good with me this time, as sometimes she loses her temper with me!!

She then tells me she’s going to wake me up in the morning before she goes to work to make sure I take my extra tablet I’ve got for Shingles as if I’m up late it’s hard to fit 5 in a day. She’s in bed asleep now and the thing is I’m sure I told her the box was red and it’s actually blue …

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