Sunday – Never ending


Still feeling rough when I first woke up, but that seems to be the norm now.

Then Robyn comes stumbling down the stairs, I can see what is going to happen so I tell her to sit down on the sofa for a while. Of course she won’t so when she gets up she passes out! I think rather too much alcohol was drunk last night don’t you Robyn? 

Great start when after yesterday, all I wanted was an uneventful day.

Anyway I started to feel a bit better as the day went on. Went to Gary’s mum and dads for lunch and his daughter Emma went and his sister and her family. So that was nice. A lovely chicken and leek pie. 

Robyn texts me while I’m there to say ‘why haven’t we got any hot water’ so when I get home I try the heating and that’s not working either. Freezing, freezing, freezing. So I’ve left a message for my landlady but she hasn’t answered yet so it looks like I’ll be ringing her in the morning …

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