Monday and Tuesday – Non eventful days


Boiler fixed. Landlady came and sorted the problem amazingly as she hasn’t got a very good track record with these things.

Bit of a quieter day thank goodness. Pottered around doing jobs. Robyn was cutting her friends hair so I went with her and had a cup of tea with the mum Lou. Was nice to get out.

Couldn’t sleep tho, had been reading the book Liver Transplantation, which some of it I found quite scary to read, so don’t know if that was playing on my mind or what. Wont be my bedtime reading again I don’t think.

Another quiet day today. Apart from had a trip to town to have my blood taken. Annette only had the choice of one arm to try tho. No way was I letting her put the needle in my right arm after my traumas the other day.

Need to be getting out during the day for the rest of this week. I’m getting restless and fed up again. Please work car …

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