Good news/Bad news


Thursday 30th April and Friday 1st May

Clinic visit today. Always makes you think ‘wonder what will happen today?’ It’s Leah’s turn to drive me up to Birmingham. She got a bit cross with me though because when we were sorting my tablets to see if I needed to order any more, they were all muddled, and there were empty boxes and packets. Not for me though, I knew exactly what was what, but she didn’t like it and I got told off!!!

So I saw my hospital friend Pat and had a little chat. Got weighed, had my blood pressure taken and then went in to see my surgeon. My liver blood results had improved again from the last time so good news again for now. My potassium is still a bit high so have to drink 2 litres a day to try and help my kidneys to get rid of more of it!

We then go off to the restaurant for lunch as we have some time to kill before my dietician’s appointment. I can ease off the low fat diet a little now as my tummy seems to be settling but still need to avoid high potassium foods. I also had to do a test for hand grip strength. The number they look for women to reach is low twenties, I got 11! What a weakling 🐭 So I now have to try and eat lots of protein to build up my muscles and strength.

I can go home again.

On Friday I get to go out again. But this time to a garden centre and a DIY shop. 🌻🔨  Just as we’re about to leave Banbury I get a phone call. Uh oh. My kidney function blood tests had gone higher than last time. So I now have to keep drinking lots and instead of going back to clinic in 2 weeks I now have to go again next week. This news did upset and scare me a bit. I just don’t want to have anything else done. I have been through enough and I can’t do it any more. I thought things were going too well.

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