Clinic day


Thursday 7th May

Lynda took me to clinic today. As it had been a Bank Holiday on Monday, this clinic was enormous! There were no free seats in the waiting room. While I was waiting my turn I saw and had a chat with my ward friend Marina, who obviously eventually had been allowed home, but her results were not good and she was having to go for a scan and then be admitted to the ward again. She wasn’t happy about that. Sorry Marina. 

I also very briefly saw Kate. Her results were the best they have ever been so that was some really good news.

I saw my first surgeon who came over, told me I looked well and asked me how I was doing. He always does that, which is nice. And on my way down the corridor I saw my third surgeon, who also asked me how I was. They all seem to remember me!

I had to go back to clinic in one week this time so they could check my kidney blood results as they had been high and they didn’t want to leave it for two weeks. The follow up care is really very good. It was my creatinine that had gone high which can be caused by the anti rejection medication Prograf, so they reduced my dose. And also reduced my Valganciclovir tablet dose too. Less tablets to take in the morning, yay 😀 My potassium result was back to normal, so no more diet restrictions for that at the minute. I am told that the kidneys are quite sensitive to change, whereas the liver is more robust. All my other results were still good.

A quick bit of lunch in the restaurant before my dietician’s appointment. I still have no appetite so deciding what to have for meals and eating are still not my favourite things at the minute. My grip strength had not improved so got advised to eat lots of protein if I can, which will continue to help build me up.

We call in to Tesco’s so I can get a bit of shopping, then home.

Spend the evening wrapping presents – it’s Leah’s birthday tomorrow!

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