Friday 8th May

Happy 21st Birthday Leah 🎁

To celebrate this occasion, me, Robyn, Leah, Hannah, Julie and Lynda went out for the day. Lynda came over early so they could secretly decorate the car with photos, balloons and banners. Then me and Leah walked along to meet them and on the way we saw this.

We set off through the town, balloons flapping. We were going water zorbing. Well everyone else was, I’m not allowed of course 😖




Looks fun doesn’t it? My two big sisters chickened out of course 🐓 😀

Then to find some lunch. We found a local pub and had some nice food and Leah opened some of her pressies and cards. We stopped off at Bourton on the Water on the way back and had a wander about. After that we piled back into the car and went to my sisters house for Leah’s birthday cake and more pressie opening.

I think Leah had a nice day. I was pleased that I felt well, was able to enjoy the food, walked everywhere and didn’t get too tired out.

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