Busy day


Monday 11th May

Now, I am known to be a bit of a hoarder (what do you think to that Hannah Pinfold? πŸ˜„) I don’t like throwing things away, and I like to recycle EVERYTHING. But this means that my house is full of rubbish. Especially now as last year we had to move and this latest house is much smaller. Since I have been back home, and when I have felt up to it, I have been sorting some things out. The stuff needed to be gone. So we packed quite a bit into the back of Robyns car and had a journey to the local tip, where we sorted and threw the things into various different labelled skips for recycling and a few bits of waste. On the way, we also took a bag to one of the charity shops in the town. 

Did some food shopping, went to the bank, picked up a parcel from the sorting office that couldn’t be delivered (I was a little excited to be getting a parcel, but it turned out it was some sample jellies that the dietician told me she would send for me to try!) I was disappointed, I wanted a nice pressie :/ And I don’t like to be told that I have to eat certain foods or drinks. I am stubborn.

Quite a productive day but still lots more things like that to be done. Just hope I keep feeling well enough to be able to continue with it now.

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