Monday 22nd June

Today I felt a bit under the weather. The first time in a long time and I didn’t like it one bit. My tummy was a bit achy and unsettled and my whole body also ached.

I had suggested to Robyn last week that if she was free on Monday (as its her day off) she could take me to the tip again, so I could get rid of a bit more of my collected junk, mainly from the garden this time. This is a job she hates doing, but she reluctantly agreed. So I couldn’t miss my chance. I had to still do it even though I was feeling a bit unwell. 

So off we went, taking 2 bags to the local charity shops on the way. A good job done. Thanks Robyn! Did a bit of shopping then went back home.

I think I even went to bed quite early, unusual for me 😵😴 

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