Nightmare begins


Tuesday 23rd June

Felt a tiny bit better this morning but my whole body still ached. I had got it into my head that I was going to spring clean and sort my kitchen sink area, drainer etc today. Even though I didn’t feel my best I still wanted to get this done. So I made a start, amongst other jobs that cropped up and hanging the washing out and having a short sit down every now and then. I decided to walk along to Julie and Hannah’s to return some things I had found of theirs, so I gave Hannah her present I bought for her the other day, and had a cup of tea with them. I had every intention of carrying on with my kitchen sink later, I had just gone visiting for a little break, but when I got home I felt like I had a temperature so I thought I had better check. It was over 100. When Leah got in from work I told her and she told me to take some paracetamol. I just carried on pottering around and told Robyn later when she got in from work. She just stared at me and was terrified. ‘You need to take it again’. But I said no point because I had just had a drink and it wouldn’t be accurate. She was very worried and kept on at me.

Robyn is doing a challenge to raise awareness of organ and blood donation (more about that later) so she had arranged for her dad to come over so we could all have our picture taken with our special recycled parts t-shirts on, ready to advertise her campaign. Leah took our photos in the garden.

But Robyn hadn’t forgotten. ‘Take your temperature now then’. So I had to give in. It was still over 100. So she made me ring the transplant co-ordinator in the QE Birmingham who put me through to the on-call liver registrar. He told me I needed to go to a hospital so I could be checked out, blood, urine tests etc. in case I had got an infection. So she gave me about 5 minutes! to gather a few bits together and we were off!! 🚗 🏥

I think we got to A&E at the Horton hospital, Banbury at around 9. Loads of people were there, I thought that we were in for a long wait. But luckily (in one way at least) for me, they called me almost immediately. My blood results showed that my white blood cells were low (as they sometimes have been) but even lower! So the first thing they do apparently with transplant patients is to give them some strong antibiotics intravenously in case of infection. It’s the same treatment for cancer patients too because their white blood cells are destroyed if they have chemotherapy. Both transplant and cancer patients with low white blood cells are extremely susceptible to catching infections. So I had my antibiotics in A&E and at about 2.30am they transferred me to a ward in EAU (Emergency Assessment Unit). After asking their questions and ‘booking’ me in (yes even at that time of night) they then decided I needed to be in a side ward, to help me to not get infected with other peoples’ illnesses as well. I think I then might have got a few hours sleep.

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