Nice visitors


Thursday 2nd July

The doctors came round this morning and said all they were going to do was another ultrasound on my liver and a chest X-ray, and observe me. No medication was going to be given. After everything the Horton in Banbury had thrown at me, this seemed a bit odd. I was pleased though, I certainly have had enough medication and procedures done on me to last a lifetime.

The man who did my ultrasound today had also done my ultrasound when I was in Critical Care, we both recognised each other. He was very good and explained everything to me, it all looked fine. Both my hepatic artery and portal vein were both doing what they should! That was reassuring again.

Came back to the ward and then was collected for X-ray. They didn’t tell me anything about that, but it’s always over in a flash.

Was just left then to entertain myself for the rest of the day, with blood pressure etc being taken every now and then.

Relaxing on my bed in the afternoon I heard an ‘hello’ and Dr Mergental was stood there! He had seen my name on a piece of paper somewhere so thought he would come and say hello to me. How nice was that? I do like that man.

Robyn came to visit. What delights were in store for me this time. Oh yeah, she drew on my face with a black felt tip pen!

Then Marina’s sister brought her round to see me. She’s back in ward 726, filling up with fluid 😦 Marina was my ward mate when I was recovering from my transplants and we’ve kept in touch. It was good to see her, shame though that we’re both back in the QE.

I so want to get out of here. But no chance until my white blood cells have gone back up a bit. Still too risky. Very 😕

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